Which Direction to Point Your External TV Antenna In Armadale


Instructions for Orientating Your External TV Antenna in the Proper Direction in Armadale

To get a strong signal, clear reception and good resolution, your TV needs to have a high quality external antenna installed at your home. Australia has recently upgraded to digital TV signals, so most homes that currently have an analog TV antenna will need to upgrade to a digital antenna, if they haven’t already, to be digital ready. Besides hiring a qualified professional to install your new TV antenna, it is also important to figure out the best place to mount the Rockingham TV antenna and the correct direction to point it, to get the best reception possible. To get the best results, your antenna frame should be pointed in the direction of the broadcast towers in Perth. Here are some guidelines that you and your installer can follow to ensure that your antenna is oriented correctly to get the clearest possible signal and best picture on every channel of your TV.

Step 1. Locating the Armadale TV Transmitting Towers

If you live in the city, the TV tower is most likely not far away and it should be very easy to locate the tower and determine which direction to point your antenna. If you live outside the city, it may not be as easy to locate the TV transmission tower, but it should not be very difficult either. There are online sites that will help you locate the nearest broadcast towers. Sites like Antennaweb and Antennapoint provide a quick and easy way to locate the towers and determine which direction to aim your TV antenna by simply typing in your location and zip code. The site will inform you which direction you should aim your antenna so that it points towards the tower and an estimate of the signal quality to expect.

Step 2. Aiming the Armadale Antenna 

Armadale Antennas come in many shapes and sizes, which sometimes makes it hard to figure out which way to point it. If you are using the traditional multi-element type, the end with the smaller elements must be aimed in the direction of the transmitter. If it is not clear which direction an antenna should point, it can become a process of trial and error. Before permanently securing your antenna, ensure that the installer rotates the antenna in increments to the left and right while you check the signal quality by scanning for Armadale TV stations until the best signal strength is achieved. After you have the rockingham antenna oriented properly and the signal is strong and clear, permanently secure the antenna so that it can’t move.

Step 3. How to get Multiple TV Stations

If you live in the city near many broadcast antennas, it may be possible to get many TV stations without having to move your TV antenna. However, if you live very far from the city, you may not be able to get a good signal from more than one tower at a time with a standard antenna. Seek the support and advice of your TV antenna service company in Perth and ask for assistance on how to set up or install an additional rotor to get the best digital channel reception on your TV.


Knowing which direction to point your antenna is very important. If your antenna is properly oriented and you can’t get TV reception or if you can’t get many channels, you may need additional equipment. Always seek the help of a professional TV antenna service company when it comes to troubleshooting the direction of your antenna or the signal quality.